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I Want To Develop My Site

Do I need to lodge a DA?

Do I need to lodge a Development Application
Pre-Lodgement Enquiries and Advice
Exempt Development
Complying Development
Development Application Guidebook
Tracking your DA

You need to establish what you may build on your land, and if you may need Council approval to do so.

Any type of development, from building an access ramp or granny flat to a new home or shopping centre, will either be an:
Exempt Development - Low impact developments, such as fences, barbeques, driveways and sheds.
Complying Development - Straightforward developments, such as home renovations and additions or a new home up to two storeys.
Not Exempt or Complying Development – All other development e.g Local and State significant development.

If you have further enquiries you may wish to contact us or use our Pre-Lodgement Advice Meeting services.

Pre-Lodgement Enquiries and Advice

There are various types of pre-lodgement advice you can obtain from Council to assist you with your development. The aim of pre-lodgement is to work towards a successful outcome. The benefits of early consultation include:

Provides an overview of legislative requirements and Council policy requirements
Identifies any issues or constraints that might apply to the land or development proposed
Identifies documents and plans that are likely to be required to support the application
Provides a clear direction for progression of the development proposal
Saves time by ensuring the applicant is aware of all the information needed to submit a complete application
While Council officers cannot prepare your application documentation or provide legal advice, they can offer tips on where to find relevant information.

Council offers two forms of pre-lodgement advice being:

Customer Service Advice
Council offers free advice at the Counter and over the phone from 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday. This option is recommended for small scale residential developments such as dwellings, carport, sheds, garages, swimming pools and the like.
Please call in to see us at the Max Centre, Level 2, 30 Heber Street, Moree or call us on 02 6757 3222.

Pre-Lodgement Meeting
For more complex developments it is advised to attend a pre-lodgement meetings with Council Staff (staff may range from Planners, Building Surveyors and Engineers). To apply for a Pre-lodgement meeting complete the Pre-Lodgement Advice Meeting application form.