Due to the regulations around the COVID-19 pandemic,
the following Council services are currently suspended/not accessible.

 ❌ No face to face service at the Moree Customer Service Centre
 ❌ Mungindi CTC (including library operations)
 ❌ Toilet Amenities (Exemption Balo Street, Moree)
 ❌ The Dhiiyaan Centre
 ❌ Camping Grounds/Caravan Parks
 ❌ Child Restraint Hire
 ❌ Halls
 ❌ Moree Markets  ❌ Parks/Ovals
 ❌ Big Sky Libraries  ❌ Pools
 ❌ BAMM (Moree Gallery)  ❌ RV Friendly
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Fees and Charges

Before the start of each new financial year, the Council adopts the fees and charges applicable for the forthcoming financial year.
The schedule is a list of fees for all chargeable services, requests, applications, approvals, licences, hire bookings and memberships. Fees and charges are determined by local councils each year and contribute towards helping us provide services and facilities for our Shire.

You can download these documents below.

 Current Year Fees and Charges 2019/20
 2018/19 Fees and Charges 2018/19
 2017/18 Fees and Charges 2017/18
 2016/17 Fees and Charges 2016/17
 2015/16 Fees and Charges 2015/16
 2014/15 Fees and Charges 2014/15
 2013/14 Fees and Charges 2013/14