Due to the regulations around the COVID-19 pandemic,
the following Council services are currently suspended/not accessible.

 ❌ No face to face service at the Moree Customer Service Centre
 ❌ Mungindi CTC (including library operations)
 ❌ Toilet Amenities (Exemption Balo Street, Moree)
 ❌ The Dhiiyaan Centre
 ❌ Camping Grounds/Caravan Parks
 ❌ Child Restraint Hire
 ❌ Halls
 ❌ Moree Markets  ❌ Parks/Ovals
 ❌ Big Sky Libraries  ❌ Pools
 ❌ BAMM (Moree Gallery)  ❌ RV Friendly
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A Council Policy expresses our position on a particular issue or subject. It records the ‘why’ and ‘what’ of Council decision making.
We have many responsibilities and perform many tasks to maintain and improve the Moree Plains Shire and make it a great place to live, work and play.

Policies are essential to ensure that legal, fair and consistent decisions are made across Council. They support Council in achieving its corporate objectives and provide crucial guidelines for Councillors, staff and other stakeholders. Without sound policies there is a greater risk of inconsistency, confusion and inefficiency.

A-Z Current Council Policies

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Advertising Temporary Street and Road Closures for Festivals and Events
Asbestos Disposal Policy
Asset Management Policy


Behaviour and Exclusion from Moree Plains Shire Council Premises Policy
Burial on Private Property


Cemetery Interment Pricing Policy
Cemetery Plaque and Ornaments Policy
Cemetery Plaque and Ornaments Procedures and Guidelines
Child Care Facilities
Children's Crossing Flag Policy
Code of Conduct
Code of Meeting Practice
Community Enhancement Fund Policy
Community Voluntary Road Policy
Council Media Guidelines
Councillor Interactions with Staff and Access to Council Premises Policy
Councillor Expenses and Facilities Policy
Councillor Training and Development Policy


Debt Recovery Policy
Department of Local Government Model Privacy Management Plan
Drought Relief Policy and Procedures
Drug and Alcohol Policy
Dust Suppression Policy


Enterprise Risk Management Strategy


Financial Hardship Policy
Footpaths, Kerbs and Gutters Policy


Gifts and Benefits Policy
Giving public notice required under the Local Government Act 1993 and LG (General) Regulation 2005
Grids and Gates on Public Roads



Investment Policy
Irrigation Crossings




Leasing and Licensing of Council Land
Liquid Trade Waste Policy
Local Supplier Preference Policy



Naming of Public Assets
Non-Potable Trickle Feed Water Supplies
Non-Recoverable Debts Policy



Permanent Road Closure Policy
Policy on Behaviour and Exclusion from Moree Plains Shire Council Premises
Procurement Policy
Property Addressing Policy
Public Donations Policy



Records Management Policy
Removal of Excess Vegetation or Materials from Private Lands
Risk Management Policy
Road Closures Policy
Road Naming NSW
Run Off On Roads


Self Help Program Policy
Sharps Management Policy
Signage within the Shire of Moree Plains Policy
Social Media Policy
Street and Road Closures for Ceremonial Purposes Policy
Supply and Reticulation of Potable Water Policy


Temporary Road Closure - Wet Conditions Policy
Tourism and Economic Development Fund Policy


Unmaintained and Unformed Roads Policy
Unsealed Rural Shire Road Policy
Urban Vegetation Management Policy


Vandalism and deliberate loss or damage to Council Property
Vehicle Speed Reduction Measures Policy
Vehicular Crossing - Driveway - Policy
Voluntary House Raising Scheme Policy


Waste Disposal Fees for Charitable Organisations Policy
Water Flow Restrictor Policy and Procedure
Water Supplies and Charges Policy
Water Supplies Policy
Wheelie Bin Contamination Policy